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Under the Surface eBook free pdf

A bloodthirsty siren. A spellbound selkie. A vindictive witch… And a fiery redhead from Nashville willing to take them all on.
Kaia has finally decided to put her parents’ house on the market and let go of the memories it holds, but she didn’t bargain for the secrets she uncovers there. Her whole world changes when she’s plunged into a storm on the Atlantic with Sam, the enigmatic fisherman she just met at the bar. As they fight for their lives, Kaia discovers she’s a siren, and Sam finds himself ready to break all his own rules for her. 
Though giving in to her instincts is easy—both in the ocean and in bed—the battle between her siren and human selves takes Kaia to the very edge of who she thinks she is. In the water, she spars with a merciless, territorial siren who wants something she can’t give. On land, Sam reveals his own secrets to Kaia, including a curse that looms over him—a curse that could take him from her forever.
Under the Surface is book 1 of an adult paranormal romance series featuring a witchy love triangle, sizzling love scenes, and maritime legends come to life.

"The iron-blue water was illuminated by half a dozen pairs of eyes, phosphorescing under the surface. At the sight of them, before the water hit higher than her knees, Kaia felt her skin begin to tingle with the change.

You were born for this, she told herself."

from Under the Surface - Sonya Blake

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